Monday, December 24, 2012

Heading South of the Boarder

HellO little  creation of mine. I'm alone at a bar in Denver drinking a mescal cocktail called the Mexican Devil.  Soon I will cast aside my scarf and frosty breath in favor of flip flops and mangos.

In between working on travel plans and turning in grades for the end of the semester I've been neglecting you without regret. Climbing mountains and soaking in hot springs. Attending to the inevitable castrophes of my life. Slipping around on ice and snow in the car to the point where i refused to drive for a week and just walked or bummed rides.  And there's the piece of grated carrot that I somehow lodged in my nasal cavity for over a week.

And my silence will be prolonged further as I scurry south for the next few weeks in search of adventure.