Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Give Yourself a Break with a Week of Satisfying, Organic Meals

Want a week off in the kitchen? Excited to skip a trip to the grocery store? Ready for meals that feel good?

For one week, allow me to prepare your meals.
I am committed to fresh, organic ingredients and your well-being.

Enjoy extra energy as well as delicious meals. This is about deeply nourishing yourself with vitamins, minerals, and some extra time.
Marian with bruschetta featuring garden-grown toppings.
We will focus on eating “real” foods, saying adios to processed and packaged foods, and if you aren’t already, practicing compassion and patience with your body. This is about enjoying yourself!

Here’s what to expect:
-a smoothie filled with fruits, vegetables and proteins each morning
-a jam-packed salad each afternoon filled with veggies, proteins and fats
-a comforting dinner that includes a grain, veggies, and protein
-a list of suggested snacks that will promote energy and keep you on track

These meals avoid inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugars, and nightshade vegetables. Meat and fish are optional. We’ll go over your dietary restrictions and preferences before we start. Accommodations are possible; let’s talk!

How it works: Your meals for 24 hours will be ready for pick-up in town by 5pm each evening. I’ll create a FB group for support and feedback, and I will be available to you throughout the process. Feel free to bring your own containers, or allow me to provide them.

Cost: 21 organic, home cooked meals for only $190
-Add an extra $20 if you want to add local, grass-fed/free-range meat proteins to your meals
-Sign-up by January 18, and save 10%
-Sign-up with a friend, and take $15 off each -OR- refer up to 4 friends, saving $5/referral
-Total, that’s up to $38 in savings or a total of $152!!!

If you want to try it out for a day before committing to the full week, I’m offering a one day trial, February 2nd, free for the first 20 people who contact me, with a 30 person limit. Sign up by January 25 for three free meals. In order to make this work, I need 10 people to commit to the week of meals by February 4th, the final day to sign-up.

Ready to go for it? Sign-up here.
To sign-up for the free trial, simply comment below, on Facebook, or shoot me an e-mail: pierce.marian@gmail.com