Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Older, But Still Sassy

My twenties are rapidly drawing to an end, and while I can't remember how old I am half the time, this birthday had me feeling a little squeamish.

Nothing cures a case of the Get Your Shit Together Pierce, You're Almost 30 like heading to the wilds where concerns amount to rain clouds, blistered feet, and hoisting excessive amounts of food 15 feet into the air. Take that bears! I didn't think for a moment about my aging ovaries, my limited financial prospects, and the adolescent nature of my love life. Heck Yeah!

And if you think I'm sounding a bit melodramatic about getting older, you're right. I haven't grown out of that habit yet... maybe when I'm a more grounded, wiser 30. Or when I succumb to living in a hermitage.

I'll keep you updated.

Best birthday ever. I am so glad for friends who giggle and love and think about interesting things. And for their busy lives without which we might have only had one birthday dessert instead of two!

Momo made an amazing three layer carrot cake which she hauled on her back for  over ten miles.
The gang (minus Ari) making Gado Gado for dinner.

Google and Cally. He brings her his bowl when he's hungry!

Tent after the rains.
Sarah pumping water.

My favorite princesses, Anna and Ruda.

Peruvian Purple Potatoes for breakie.

Happy campers on the way home.

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