Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Phantom Changes

I keep wishing it were still May, because as far as progress in the garden and time spent with my hands in the dirt goes it's still May to me. Have you ever been going on, living your life, and stopped to realize that it shifted without your even noticing?

I work at an alternative K-12 school that supports kids who homeschool or are looking for something different. Each year my role at school has grown, and now, even though it's summer, I'm still going to meetings and trying to get ahead for next year.  Plus, I've taken the whole educator's schedule to heart by getting out of town to visit friends, explore old haunts, and to test my ability to suck wind at absurdly high elevation.

Also, the bathroom remodel is not the only building project that we've got going on now. Dev bought a prefab shed from our neighbor, Eric, so we've been clearing the land and deconstructing the attached awnings. With a bit of remodeling, this shed will be an extra living space for interns.

There's a part of me that feels like I've failed given the sorry shape of the garden, but mostly I'm curious. Life looks different and the changes have felt so natural it's almost like nothing has changed. The stuff that makes up my day to day existence is somewhat superficial; it's the feeling that counts.  Right now it's as though gravity caught up to me, winding it's way around my heart like a maypole dance.

I certainly prefer plants and soil to two-by-fours and plumbing and I know that once again these things will be my primary focus, but for now I'm relaxing into these effortless shifts.


  1. Way too cool! Marian, do you work with a curriculum to help guide or support homeschoolers, and if so, can I peek at it? Oli is already starting school next year (ahhh!) and we'll give the regular schools down here an honest shot. But homeschooling is most definitely on the table (and its not like we aren't learning all the time anyhoo, in or out of school.) Looks like you are up to some awesome stuff, whoo hoo!

  2. ps. love "abundantly below the poverty line"

  3. So good to hear from you Jocelyn! I can't believe Oli is starting school! I love what you said about learning all the time-I've been getting into the whole Unschooling philosophy which you pretty much summed up with that sentiment. Generally we work with families individually helping them find what works best for them. We have a bunch of resources listed on our web site, but it is currently under construction so I can't find anything right now. I'll shoot you an e-mail when it's up and running. xo!! m