Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Holy Goat! What a mountain of a week. I forgot how intense things get in the final days before a show opens and how much energy it takes to perform for an audience.

The real butt kicker of this week...I targeted my liver for some serious spring cleaning. Amy Williams, ayurvedic practitioner and yoga teacher, is leading a two-week spring cleanse. It's been way more intense than I anticipated and put the patience and support of my cast-mates to the test.

I have a hunch I overdid it on day three; I hiked/jogged up Jumbo, harvested greens and transplanted seedlings at Don and Daphne's, and then went straight into a hectic rehearsal. Not exactly the inward, reflective type of day that Amy recommended. My energy plummeted and I became cranky (a vast understatement). So for the past four days I stopped running, hiking, riding my bike, moving back into my tipi, and digging in the garden. My blood sugar levels were way off. With all this spare time I started crafting. I intended to make a quilt this winter but inevitably got caught up with the snow and adventures and never got around to it. This forced creative time is the silver lining to my low blood sugar crisis.

This evening our vocal director Pam invited everyone to her vineyard for a soiree. A few hours into it, a group of people started to sing. What tender music they shared. A deep, warmth spread from my heart and evoked tears of gratitude. Beauty surrounds me.

I am beyond grateful for everyone who worked on this production. I am in awe of the support, the dedication, and the talents that each shared, but above all I am humbled by the generosity of spirit that I felt from everyone involved. It breaks my heart.
The women who've been my life the past few months. (Photo courtesy of Rob Miller)   

Heading up Jumbo.

Working in the prop house with Em.

Don and Daphe's Nomadic Chicken Pad.

A very tired Rudabega.

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