Friday, April 20, 2012

Tulips, and Other Spring Things

Waiting for the coal train to pass....there are seven RR crossings in our tiny town, and the train passes through, blasting it's whistle day and night. 

Paonia is abundant in tulips, the lilacs are next, and then our famed peonies.

Making rice milk....apparently, I need practice. 
Oh mason jar projects, I love you.

My diet for the last seven days: kitchari. An experiment in the art of living.

Another letter to the BLM; oil and gas development in the North Fork is insanity.

Moments like these make it all worth while. Witnessing transformation and growth is endlessly fulfilling.
I got a ticket today! First in eight years. My tags expired....last October. Maybe I should get a PO Box because my  mail goes to the five different places I've lived in Paonia.

Tulips on the Singer.

Maya monkeying around in his new home.

Working out glitches with Maya in his new digs. Wrinkles are less than desirable. Storm pending.

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