Monday, May 21, 2012

A Rough Week and Non-Violent Communication

To be perfectly honest, I had a challenging week avoiding feelings that are hard to feel and believing  stories I get to telling myself that disregard reality. I watched myself submerge in patterns that arise when I'm feeling off kilter. I struggled to mindfully watch rather than judge myself further (another one of those patterns).

It took a good friend to help me take the deep breath that I needed to receive my suffering and to remember--I am strong and brave. I can feel whatever is with everything that I am. Good medicine. During my yoga practice with Amy I began to unwind my stories, slowly seeing the responsibility and power I could claim by identifying my needs and my feelings.

In the past year or so I've been learning about Non-Violent Communication (NVC), a simple model that focuses on language to discover connection.  I have experienced healing and transformation with the use of this practice and have learned to observe my emotions, identify my values, and make requests of others. The practice is non-violent because it eliminates the use of blame and judgement and encourages compassion for others as well as for myself. The powerful connection that I've experienced through this form of communication has been deeply rewarding.

I send out a prayer for peace, peace, peace to all beings. I wish for the grace of gentleness and acceptance to be felt by all.  I hope that we may all choose to take that deep breath, remember our strength, and continue to grow.

I found her while walking out in the Juniper. A silent helper.
Legend has it that Paonia was named by a bunch of drunk miners who were trying to spell Peony. Our famed flowers are blossoming all over town.

My much needed friend Elizabeth. By the end of our adventure together we were giggling over a shared mango treat. Such a beautiful friend and soul. Thank you.

The result of my craft project this week. I'm pleased with it but have ideas for the next model. Luckily I have a lot of friends with chickens. This idea originated as an accessory for the very stylish urban coop that my brother built.

I swear I didn't even ask Ruda to pose. She just came and sat in while I was snapping a few shots.

Building silk screens for another project. I'm excited about this process and am appreciative of Maya coaching me through every little step. Without his guidance I'd have many spliters.

I am so thrilled. While walking along the ditch with Jaimie we found a wild apricot that is loaded with fruit. I adore apricot everything....jam, crisp, just the fruit. It's been a few years since the weather has allowed their survival in strong numbers.

Lots of snake energy this week. This one seemed to die mid-slither.

Went for a hike up Kebler Pass with Sarah, Megan, and Jaime. The wild flowers were out, and luckily Sarah can identify most plants. Four girls, five dogs, many smiles.

Jaimie is a friend from college who stopped in for a visit. Such a treat to discuss education with her.  Another college friend, Kati, spent the night last night. I adore her insights and poetic perspectives.  For living in such a remote location I feel so blessed for such inspiring visitors.

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