Friday, June 15, 2012

Mother f'ing mower!

Russian Nap Weed is incredibly invasive. Especially toxic. And it needs to go. Now. Actually it needed to go last week. Before it began to flower.

But the blossoms started to unfold this morning. And all the little creatures busily do what they do: indiscrimantly pollinate shit. And I'm here watching this noxious weed proliferate because I can't start my f'ing lawn mower.

Nothing makes me more frustrated than not being able to do things on my own. I pull and pull on that cord to no avail and then internally throw myself to the ground and cry. Damn you mower. Damn you creator of said mower for not considering my smaller muscles. Damn you Nap Weed.

Deep breath. Time to enjoy the shade. The breeze gently rocking my weedy enemy. The ambient backdrop of birds and crickets and the clackety clack of the train passing through town. Time to observe the final bits of snow on the mountains. Time to cultivate gratitude because someone will come help me and when they do I want to give them a heart full of Love...self-loathing for muscles I just don't have is no place to start when I'm looking to appreciate the next set of helping hands.

That helping hand. Not only did he get it started but he told me a good lawn mower joke and brainstormed tricks to help me get it started myself.

And, he gave me a mask because nap weed is so toxic that it puts a horrible taste in the air.

First cutting of the season. We're in a major drought and the ditch will go dry months early this year unless we get a monsoon. Less grass this summer means expensive bales this winter.


Godetia-my latest favorite.
Driving home with another beautiful bouquet buckled in as my co-piolet. Includes Bells of Ireland, Lilies, Sunflower, Yarrow, Irises, Godetia, Armenian Basket Flower, and Delphiniums.

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  1. I hopped over to your blog so I could thank you for your kind words left on my blog regarding the loss of my beloved Lady. Your words said it so completely...I also am a trail running, dog loving, outdoors loving person so nice to follow your blog. :)