Friday, June 8, 2012

Rooster Rants, etc.

Woke up before the rooster's crow. I'll be honest here…I am not a fan. Even if I hadn't been attacked by our neighbor's rooster recently (holy chicken-feed, did that get my adrenaline going!) I would still maintain that rooster's are not my favorite.  Loud, noisy, obnoxious, irreverent to all things peaceful--the beginnings of my list, which I usually catalogue with precision on mornings I hope to sleep past 6:30. 

I started the day with my ever expanding garden, digging more beds and fiddling with the irrigation, until Colin was ready for my help installing two five framed nucs into our friend Kale's top bar bee hives. After lunch on the hood of Co's car I headed out to Don and Daphe's where I made flower bouquets for market. I can't tell you how flippin' excited I am to be learning this skill. Kinda reminds me of quilting. I seriously swooned over the bouquet I came home with, granted I had just finished one of Shawn's delicious Hard Ciders so I was ready to fall over anyway…

After an amazing drive-by dinner with Colin, Cally, and company I rushed home to finish my transplanting. Tomatoes. Check. Eggplants. Check. Peppers. Check. I should be called the 9 o'clock gardener. That seems to be when I get the most done, rushing around trying to squeeze the last bit of light from the day.

And now crawling into bed, the coyotes howl nearby. It's the nearest they've been to my new spot since I moved. Hopefully they won't raise their pups in such close proximity this fall. The last two years I've had rather anxious Octobers, sleeping with one eye open and my arms wound tightly around my furry little friend.

I'd like to note that I don't have internet, so I go to the library to post things and reply to your sweet notes and spelling/grammatical corrections. I'm using the internet with less and less frequency as summer picks up momentum. As much as I love me some internet, I'm doing better than okay. I hope you're finding yourself outdoors more and online less these days.

When I had my business selling fruit Buni and I would eat at least a pound of cherries each in one sitting. Today I relished my first Delicious Orchards cherries of the season (they ripened three weeks early!) and thought about our happy belly aches. An hour later she called to tell me she was eating her first cherries and my heart melted. 

Installing the nucs with Colin.

End of the day shenanigans with Daphne. We don't just eat locally, we drink local too. Thanks Shawn!
My first Grande Dame!

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