Monday, February 10, 2014

Mercury in Retrograde? Planetary Retribution on my Inner Skeptic

I'm not necessarily a believer, but this morning basically shoved my face into a big, fat astrological pie.

Yesterday in yoga, as we were rolling up mats and straps, my teacher Amy said, "Make sure you confirm appointments ahead of time. Mercury is in retrograde." Basically, this means that the planet Mercury is moving away from the earth, and as such causes all sorts of delays and misunderstandings.

I planned to meet my running buddy Kerry at 8 this morning. Yesterday, the girls left the back hatch of my car open, so my battery was dead. Dev willingly helped me jump my car then locked his keys inside his. Oh brother!

I zoomed down our hilly single-lane dirt road. I hate being late. Snow banked up three feet high on either side of the road like a luge. 15 feet from where the road opens up to two lanes sat a Buick completely blocking the road. With all the snow I didn't dare risk off-roading it. The owner of the car was nowhere to be found.

There are six houses on our hill, and no one up here owns a Buick. Lighting bolts might as well shot from my eyes as I ran up the hill trying to locate this unknown person. I interrupted one neighbor in her milking parlor to share a string of profane adjectives I'd come up with to describe someone who leaves their car in the middle of an icy road.

20 minutes later the stranger returned to his car. I admit it wasn't my friendliest moment.

Among certain circles in Paonia, astrology is a second language. This rubbed me wrong when I first got here because people would casually drop remarks like, "You are such a Virgo!" I thought this was a thinly veiled way of saying "You're being critical and picky," but over time, I found that people who belonged to the astrology camp were talking about a complex system similar to acupuncture and I softened.

It's nice to have an explanation or an excuse every now and then, like PMSing, or taxes, or not getting your morning cuppa joe. And even though I'm using my morning as evidence to confirm that Mercury is indeed in retrograde, it sure is nice to let myself off the hook for getting swept away by a series of trivial events.

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