Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Surviving the West--For the Weather-Worn, a Lazy Girl's Attempt at Skin and Hair Care

I went back East over the holiday and spent a night looking through old pictures. What struck me most was how long and curly my hair was. Though I've tried for the last few years, living in the West has made it impossible for me to grow my hair long. It's beyond dry here. My hair hangs limp and lifeless and I seem to trash my locks every chance I get. In the winter, my hair freezes into white wisps from weekends of skiing and mountaineering in sub-zero conditions, and come summer, I spend my days under the frying sun and plunge in the dirt-filled ditch to cool off daily. My days sporting lustrous locks are a thing of the past.

I spent Christmas with my cousin, Kate, who's a total knock-out. I noticed that even with seven years on me, her skin is flawless. While I attempt to defend myself from the sun and arid clime, I already have wrinkles and sun spots--too many summers climbing mountains and pulling weeds without remembering or caring about a proper sunhat and a strong dose of SPF 100.

Even though I am resigned to my head of short, limp hair, save a tropical vacation or a trip East, when I'm feeling elaborate, I alternate between giving myself a coconut oil treatment, which involves rubbing coconut oil into my hair, letting it sit for 20 minutes, then showering like any other day, and a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse. I strive to do one of these every other week, but realistically it happens once a month... or season...or year. I'm hopeless! Generally, whatever I use on my body, I want to be able to eat it.

Before I get in the shower I rub my body down with sesame oil that I buy in bulk from the co-op. I don't wash the oil off with soap. I swear by this, not only because it feels so good, but because it really helps with my super sensitive, dry skin. In the morning, I use SPF facial lotion and at night I use a homemade toner I threw together topped with John Masters Organic Pomegranate Facial Oil. Also, in every bag, pocket, or coat I own is a tube of lip balm. I live by Desert Essence with shea butter or Alba Botanica Coconut Cream.

None of this comes naturally to me. I am the queen of low (read, no) maintenance as far as external self-care goes. Taking a shower usually feels like an accomplishment.  From a weather-worn gal who wants as little fuss as possible without looking like a mummy by the time I'm 40, you now hold every lazy girl beauty secret that I (sometimes) employ.


  1. Hello, I've popped over from Rhonda's Down to Earth blog. Loved reading about your low maintenance style and got a laugh out of the goat looking OUT of the window! Love it!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

  2. Thanks for stopping by Joolz! My style certainly is low maintenance, but I sure make up for it in other areas in my life. The goat's name is Eggplant, and she is a naughty, high maintenance goat, so that makes two. She makes up for it by providing us with many silly, laughable moments.