Thursday, July 19, 2012

Babes in the Backcountry

The makings of apricot jam bubble on the stove and I am flanked by two of my dearest friends from childhood. Time for writing is a lesser priority with the company that currently surrounds me.

Four gals and two dogs piled into my car on Sunday and we headed south toward the San Juans to hike  Mt. Sneffels. We walked through mists that climbed upward over ridge lines and poured into the basins like steam rising and falling from a cauldron. Our eyes were pulled incessantly by the brightness of the wild flowers, at the height of their blossoms. 

Trail conversations, the food, and the aches, the outfits that come together to fend off cold and wet when you least expect them to come, smiles, problem solving and the movement of our bodies over rocky terrain, straining our muscles to climb higher and higher. And then the taking in of beauty that evolved and shifted with the slightest change of perspective. Indeed, content to take part in the sweetness of it all.

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