Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sisterhood of the Overly Ambitious Leisure-ists

Holy Dust Bunny! I've been feeling overwhelmed recently by the fullness of life. I catch myself feeling burdened by the abundance of living, by my willingness to say yes, yes, yes, by filling every moment with active expression. Poor me!

I've gotten better over the years at saying yes to quiet, yes to being instead of doing, yes to taking time, yes to self-connection. But I've stumbled into a July buzzing with activity and felt myself drowning in the sweetness of it all. 

Yes I want to go back packing. Yes I want to play with children at gardening camp. Yes I want my house clean and my root cellar filled with dehydrated and canned goods. Yes I want to garden and build and rake the compost toilet. Yes I want to check on bees. Yes I want to perform on stage and craft and see live music and soak in the hot springs and bake bread for everyone. Yes I want to travel to California and to host visitors here. Yes I want to drive Dev's daughter to summer camp and take a long bike ride and go to work and stay up late nose to nose with my sweetheart. Yes! Yes! Yes!

With all this beauty why do I feel like I've been drunk dry? Why haven't I cooked myself a proper meal? Or taken time for yoga? Or folded laundry that's been waiting patiently for over a week?

Are you feeling sorry for me yet?

Another reminder from The Sisterhood of the Overly Ambitious Leisure-ists: there must be time for receptivity. For the slow seeping of nutrients that feed each cell. For soaking in the goodness that abounds. 

So today, just for a little while, I'm going to crawl into my shell so I can open wide.
Too hot to be bothered with wearing the whole suit. I'll take the stinger over a sweaty back!
Sylvia displays her cabbage and carrot that she made for our garden puppet show.
This is Mama Laura. She provides an excellent example of how to just be.


  1. It sounds like someone needs to ask you what you need help with. Don't be afraid to ask me (or anyone that loves you for that matter). If at all possible I will drive across the state to see you and even fold your clothes with you!

  2. I just folded about two weeks worth of four people's laundry... ahh, what a great feeling. There's more on the rack and more in the washer and more on the floor, but at least now there's none on the dresser tops or beds... Good luck on finding that center point again!