Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ruby Horse Theif

Recent events:

1. Vacation time! Floated the Colorado River last week. 
2. Animals spotted on river trip: 2 Big-horn sheep, 1 wily coyote, 1 relaxed beaver, countless great blue herons.
3.  Onions grew a foot while I was gone.
4. Basil and greens shrunk a foot. Damn you grasshoppers.
5. Cherry-induced belly aches: 5
6. Long bike around the valley with Anna as the sunset.
7. Interns arrived. Productivity has waned with the excitement of getting to know them.
8. Jumps in the ditch: 30
9. Became an auntie to little Ramona Blue. Appelle-moi Tata Mar Mar <3
10. Become rather engrossed with summer-time living and haven't touched my computer for a week. 

Nothing like a flat tire at 7 am on the way to the put-in.

Also, nothing like living in rural Colorado where two people stopped to help me before I could even reach for my cell phone.


River Rat hitching my last little way home.

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